In view of the need to provide equitable access and provision of TESD programs to the growing TVET clients, TESDA continues to undertake direct training provisions. There are four training modalities school-based, center-based, enterprised-based and community-based. These are being done with TESDA’s infrastructure in place - 57 TESDA administered schools, 60 training center, enterprized-based training through DTS/apprenticeship and community-based training in convergence with the LGU’s.

    School Based Program
    Center Based Programs
    Community Based Programs
    Enterprise Based Programs


TESD creates opportunities for people to be responsible and become productive citizens. The need to provide and make accessible relevant TESD compels TESDA to undertake direct training activities at the same time support training activities undertaken by other key players in the TESD sector.

TESDA Technology Institutions are composed of 125 schools, regional, provincial and specialized training centers nationwide which undertake direct training activities for TESDA. The absence of an institution in the area which can provide people equitable access to TESD necessitates TESDA to undertake direct training activities. These TTIs also serve as venues to test new training schemes and are used as laboratories for new technology.

Among TESDA’s specialized training centers are the following:
TESDA Women’s Center (TWC) seeks to advance the economic status of women through training, entrepreneurship development, gender sensitive policies, programs and projects and research and advocacy. It was established through a grant from the Government of Japan.

Language Skills Institute (LSI ) serves as TESDA’s facility for language programs specifically for workers intending to work abroad. The LSI conducts training on workplacecommunication on the language of the country of the worker’s destination. There are 35 LSI nationwide offering different language courses which include English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish.

Korea-Philippines IT Training Centers are grant-assisted projects from the Government of the Republic of Korea. These KPITTCs are located at the Polytechnic University in Novaliches, Quezon City and at the Regional Skills Development Centers in Guiguinto, Bulacan and Tibungco, Davao City, respectively
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