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OAIS sells at a very affordable price its organically-grown vegetables
       Responding to the directive of TESDA Secretary Isidro S. Lapeńa, PhD, CSEE, that is to establish a Mini Organic Farm for all TESDA Technology Institution, Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School is finally reaping the fruits of its toil as series of harvests of the crops planted have been recorded over the past three (3) weeks.
       Every employee was given a certain portion of land that will serve as his/her garden that he/she will have work with and was, furthermore, freely given the chance to choose the crop to be planted.
       To date, the harvested vegetables were sold at a very affordable price: Okra - 40.00/kilo, Tomato - 40.00/kilo, Pechay - 40.00/kilo.
      This endeavor does not only promote agricultural sector in the country, but it, most importantly, supports food security in the localized chains; thereby linking community individuals to a health-friendly organically grown vegetables.